A tethered seed planted.

How cruel can the world be. Is it possible for someone to treat an innocent creature so inhumanely and with little respect. What happened to the concept of selfless love for all creatures and beings. What I saw today, the injustice devours, eats away at my skin and takes little bites from my soul. I breath, anxiously. Anxiously, tossing and turning as I force myself to sleep.

Questions asked as a seed is planted through my heart and pierces through to my soul. Should I have acted, I grawl. Surely, an inaction is to be regarded as maltreatment too. For to be silent or to refrain from acting is a silent killer. I am the victim. Am I really?  It pierces through my mind, seeps through to my soul. I breath furiously. I am the victim of reckless sleep.

The kitten miaows frantically and repetitively. It is like she is gasping for air, for someone to free her from the confines of her unintended imprisonment. I urge the ‘limpiadora’ – the cleaner in our building to open the lid. As she opens the lid, the smell of the foul odor from the bin is suffocated as the fluffy, white and innocent ¬†creature gasps for air and freedom escapes. The kitten shaking and yearning for a purely affectionate touch of love, let’s out anothe miaow in consecutive patterns. She is scared. The cleaner carries her and places her outside. Fearing for her safety, the kitten paces back inside the building.

I had just finished early morning class, bought my weekly fruit and vegetables. Carrying the bags, I rushed into the building. My mind in a world of its own carefully analyse the situation and ponder over the best course of action.

That night I could not sleep.


Weekly Writing Challenge: Fifty// Granny, the Great: 1920- 10th March 2012

Four days had passed. One final day more. We waited anxiously to know whether she would survive. Her children told everyone to leave. I knew. I just knew. I went back to the hospital. No one to be seen. I planted a kiss on her forehead. Goodbye Granny. A smile.